Call for papers: International History and Diplomacy in the Twentieth Century Postgraduate Conference

On 15th July 2016 Liverpool John Moores University will host the inaugural International History and Diplomacy in the Twentieth Century conference. The aim of this symposium is to gather postgraduate researchers from all relevant disciplines who have international history, diplomacy, humanitarianism and human rights history as their main subjects of interest.

The twentieth century was shaped by the changing relations between the world’s great powers. The first half of the century was largely dominated by the old European empires and led to the outbreak of two world wars. The aftermath of this led to the fall of these old empires and rise of the nation state. The post-war power vacuum culminated in the bipolar dominance of the United States and the Soviet Union in the context of the Cold War and ushered in a period of decolonisation for the former colonies of the great European powers. Since the end of the Cold War, the world has changed significantly. Now, more than ever, we live in a more interconnected world. However, this has not solved many of the problems; poverty and war still exist and these issues still need to be tackled by statesman around the world. Therefore, this conference will explore the various themes surrounding international history and diplomacy, with the aim of facilitating discussion and disseminating new ideas on these topics.

This conference will be an excellent opportunity for postgraduate students to disseminate their research. It will also offer a chance for students to meet other early-career researchers focusing on similar areas of interest.

The organisers invite 20-minute paper proposals from postgraduate researchers that address the aforementioned subject-areas. Please send 300-word proposals, with a few descriptive keywords, to the conference email:

All submissions for inclusion must be received by Monday 23rd May 2016. Decisions on inclusion will be made by Monday 6th June 2016. Updates regarding the conference will be posted to the IHDTC website.


Keynote speakers

Professor Nick White (Liverpool John Moores University)


Organising Committee

Dean Clay (Liverpool John Moores University)

Dan Feather (Liverpool John Moores University)

James Brocklesby (Liverpool John Moores University)

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