IHDTC Conference 2017 – Programme

Second Annual International History and Diplomacy in the Twentieth Century Conference, 19 May 2017, John Foster Building, Liverpool John Moores University

Below is the programme for our upcoming conference in two weeks. If you would like to attend, please click here to register your place.

Registration & Continental Breakfast: 8.30-9.00

Keynote: 9.00-10.00: Dr Malcolm Craig (LJMU),Death Cults, Hottentots, and Mad Mullahs: Race, Religion, and The Bomb, 1945-2017’

Panel One, 10.00 to 11.30: Policies and perceptions of supranational organisations in the Twentieth Century (chaired by Dean Clay)

Emil Eiby Seidenfaden (Aarhus University), ‘Public Legitimization Strategies of the League of Nations, 1919-1925;

Dr Barbara Warnock (Birkbeck College, University of London), ‘The ‘First Bailout’ 1922: International Financial Diplomacy and the League of Nations in Austria’;

Dr Martin Ottovay Jorgensen (Aalborg University), ‘Linking International, Gender and Social History: What Does a Gendered Analysis of Everyday Life in the Gaza Strip Reveal of the First United Nations Peacekeeping Intervention, 1956-1967?’

Break: 11.30-11.45

Panel Two, 11.45 – 13.15: Cultures of British Foreign Policy, 1945-83  (chaired by Dan Feather)

James Southern (Queen Mary University/FCO), ‘The “Mystic Link Between Colour and Security”: Race and the British Foreign Office, 1945-1993’;

Adam Rolewicz (University of Kent), ‘Unfinished Business: Foreign Office Attitudes, the Brussels Breakdown and Britain’s Second Application for Membership of the EEC, 1964-7.’;

Nina Rogers (Liverpool Hope University), ‘Sport as foreign policy: International Sport and the Thatcher Administration (1979-1983).’

Lunch: 13.15-13.45

Panel Three A, 13.45 – 15.15: China in the Twentieth Century (chaired by Dr Mathew Hill)

Tom Harper (University of Surrey), ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes: China’s Global Position and how the Experiences of the 20th Century Shapes it’;

Dr Simon Hill (LJMU), ‘Glaswegians in China 1976-1977: The PRC’s Open Door Policy Reconsidered & the Legacy of British Imperialism’;

Christopher Wallis (Northumbria University), ‘Playing the China Card: Normalisation and the Bureaucratic Wars of the Carter Administration’.

Panel Three B, 13.45 – 15.15: The Falklands and Beyond: Perceptions and realities of British conflict 1982-2009  (chaired by James Brocklesby)

Dr Azriel Bermant (University of Tel Aviv), ‘A Chronicle of Failure Foretold: The UK’s Policy to Counter Arms Sales to Argentina’;

Louise Ann Clare (University of Manchester), ‘‘Gotcha’ and ‘Estamos Ganando’: Reflect or influence? British and Argentine newspapers and governments’ actions and policymaking during the Falklands’;

Mathew Jones (Keele University), ‘Britain’s Overseas Conflicts and the United Nations, 1982-2009: Reflections from the Mass Observation Project’.

Panel Four, 15.15 – 16.45: Developments in American Political and Foreign Affairs in the Cold War (Chaired by Todd Carter)

Darius Wainwright (University of Reading), ‘Selling the American Way of Life: The United States and the Teaching of the English Language in Iran, 1953-58’;

Dafydd Townley (University of Reading), ‘The Late, Late Candidate: Frank Church, the CIA, and the 1976 Democratic Nomination’;

Elliot Newbold (University of Nottingham), ‘The “Perfect Place to Win Friends and Influence People”: Paul V. McNutt, the Cold War, and the Fledgling Philippine State, 1945-1947’.

Closing thanks – Drinks reception to follow

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